When you become a parent, your favorite athlete becomes the child that you’re raising. Yet navigating youth sports can be confusing and frustrating. Parents and caregivers often don’t know what questions to ask of themselves, their child and their sports provider to make sports a great experience.

The Project Play Parent Checklists provide 10 simple questions that parents should ask depending on the child’s age and activity level with sports. Find the checklist most relevant to your child, watch the preview video, click the View My Checklist button to take a test, and find all of the resources you need to build an athlete for life.

you have three choices:

kids ages 0-5


kids ages 6-12 not playing sports

The concepts largely come from the Aspen Institute’s seminal report, Sport for All, Play for Life: A Playbook to Get Every Kid in the Game, which developed its framework from 300+ thought leaders. Additional experts and resources were consulted in developing the checklists: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Academy of Pediatrics, Michigan State University’s Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, USA Hockey, U.S. Lacrosse, University of Minnesota, Playworks, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, SHAPE America, and Whole Child Sports.